Go “Pro” with Video for Your Brand

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Companies aren’t built on a quality product alone. The brands we love – Target, McDonald’s, Apple – gear their marketing away from the greatness of their product and focus their efforts more on the experiences their products create.

Our society is built on shared experiences, and video helps us feel like we were there as events took place.

The experiences we want to share the most, of course, are the unique and exciting ones. We know this because they pile up on our newsfeeds and in our emails every day in video form. A journey down whitewater rapids or our first free fall through the sky may prove difficult to capture, but are riveting to watch.

Your business can capitalize on experiences such as these by utilizing action-oriented equipment to produce adrenaline-pumping videos that add an exciting, curiosity-evoking dimension to your brand. It’s no secret that consumers are more likely to watch a video than read an article. Videos are more likely to be shared on social media and be seen by a larger consumer base than your business can target on its own. Video sharing benefits your brand. Using equipment that enhances your ability to literally “get in on the action” helps draw your audience to your brand.

How can videos shot with action-oriented equipment enhance your brand?

GoPro – a leader in innovative camera equipment  – and drones, officially known as unmanned air vehicles (UAVs),  can help your business show off its wild side.

When Nick Woodman invented the GoPro camera in 2002, he did not expect his enterprise to exceed a million dollars in revenue. Now his $199.99 to $399.99 dollar HERO3 cameras, equipped with straps and mounting pieces, are used everywhere, from the surf of Hawaii to the stage of Rolling Stones concerts.

Previously, drones have been used for military and surveillance videos. But when Amazon first announced its plans to use drones for deliveries, even more businesses began to realize their commercial potential, video being one of them. These pilotless, remote controlled aircrafts shoot beautiful videos of their environments. Their small size helps them fly lower and shoot in tight spaces.

How is action-oriented equipment used in video?

Traditional commercially used videos are reminiscent of the days of infomercials and used car salesmen. Businesses had only 15 to 60 seconds to make viewers fall in love with a product they wanted to sell. These days it’s done a little bit differently. Your audience members want to see personality, fun and innovation in a brand that is relevant to their needs before they decide to become customers.

The GoPro is a great tool for your business to utilize to give unique perspectives of your events. Businesses often record special events they host, but this camera’s versatile set-up and HD capability present new opportunities. For example, a group called LA Bike Cult videoed the LA Bike Festival from atop a “STOOPIDTALL” bicycle and through its handlebars.

The NFL is also an advocate of the GoPro, often using it as the Chiefs did recently to give fans a firsthand look at their training camp without the impact by strapping the cameras to their football sleds and tackle dummies. Businesses advocating an active lifestyle with their products can use GoPros to give potential customers a firsthand look at those products in action.

Businesses are taking advantage of the growing popularity of drones by using them to manipulate cameras in more versatile ways than ever before. From news broadcasting to replays on the putting green, getting aerial shots is now made simple and doesn’t require a chopper nor are they an unreasonable expense.

Hooah has utilized a DJI Phantom drone with a GoPro mount to obtain aerial shots for several productions – including the “New Ways to Pay” spot we created for Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC).

Travel and adventure vacation marketers use drones to give a bird’s eye view to entice potential vacationers. Kamalame Cay, a private island in the Bahamas, shows off its tropical resort hotels from a quad-copter drone. In California, Dolphin Safari gives virtual tours of the dolphin population splashing around the Pacific Ocean to encourage potential clients to experience the adventure for themselves.

Make your audience feel they can become a part of the adventure by including them in the action through video. The more interesting the video, the more they’ll be motivated to visit your website for more information.

Benefit of using action-oriented equipment to make your business videos

Give your audience a video experience that feels like they were there and leaves them expecting ocean spray clinging to their skin, or their hair tousled in the breeze. Utilizing video filmed with action-oriented equipment sets your business apart. A great video production company keeps current with video technology that benefits your business by intriguing your customers with new and memorable angles from which to view your brand.

Interested in seeing how your business could benefit by being filmed with action-oriented equipment? Hooah Production Studios is always ready for your new adventure! Contact us today.