A video project isn’t only a single production – although it can be. A project can consist of a series of videos for distribution through one or more media outlets, or be part of one campaign. Many companies and agencies can make video, yet lack the strategic knowledge of how to conceptualize and craft their productions to match the goals of your project – whether it’s to increase sales, influence positive behaviors, or train/educate. Our team brings that rare combination of creativity and ROI-focused strategic thinking to every client. This market-based approach allows us to achieve measurable results for any video project, in any industry.


Maximize the reach of your marketing message through videos created for the web, and showcase them online and through social media channels.


Show the world who you are and attract the right prospects to your organization through engaging and informative recruiting videos.


Perfect for storytelling and inspiring your audience. Films allow you to share your message in a less direct, more entertaining manner.


Prepare your workforce to be ready to meet any challenge and increase morale through educational and informative training videos.


Market your product or service through commercials that quickly and imaginatively hit the mark for your intended audience.


Inform or tell your story through a cause-related marketing video that will impact the awareness in others and inspire change.


Inbound marketing strategies place a premium on quality content, making video essential to success. We can create an integrated video campaign that reaches your target audience at every stage of the sales funnel, delivering the right information and message at the right time.

Conduct a video campaign to support your social media strategy, increase customer engagement with your branding, and meet your lead generation goals. By integrating online video throughout your inbound marketing efforts, you establish a strong means of brand involvement that allows each aspect of your branding to build upon the other. We utilize SEO best practices to produce the highest possible organic search rankings. The results – more of the following: traffic to your website, qualified leads and sales!

We create videos that drive conversations in social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Boost response to your sales team’s emails by linking videos from their signatures footers; add video to landing pages to increase conversion from a visitor to a lead; or use product demo/how-to videos to build a following of brand enthusiasts on YouTube. Hooah Production Studios can help you become an industry leader.


Increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website with a campaign driven through Instagram and Vine.


A video landing page is the perfect platform for measuring your campaign's effectiveness while strengthening your brand.


One of the most effective ways of informing your audience while showing off your product and increasing interest and awareness.


An excellent way to pre-visualize your product or present your product's features, a demonstration video can help stimulate lead generation.


Perfect for showing how leads can get the most from your product or service, or demonstrating techniques for more efficient use.


Support your branding through storytelling. Give your audience something to talk about, remember – and share!


Position your company and captivate your audience's attention with informative video reviews featuring your product.


Convey complex information in an intuitive and visual manner through easy-to-follow videos.