Three Reasons Your Business Should Create Video for Vine or Instagram

When people get home from work, they kick off their shoes and settle in for some down time to pull out their smartphones for amusement rather than business calls. This daily routine contributes to the increasing popularity of user-created video shorts that are easily viewed during commercial breaks.

Known in the industry as social short duration videos, Instagram and Vine provide up to 15 seconds and six seconds, respectively, to tell an engaging story on a continual loop. Here are three compelling reasons your business should incorporate them in its online marketing campaigns:

1. You Can Reach a Wide Audience

With nearly 200 million monthly users on Instagram and another 40 plus million total users on Vine (and growing), marketers can take advantage of these down time moments with branded videos. Social Media Today reports that branded Vine videos have a 400 percent higher share rate than any other form of video content. Results like this indicate that the opportunity to spread the word about your brand via social short duration video is too good to pass up.

2. They’re Short

Companies are constantly trying to establish themselves as the most innovative and relevant through visually appealing websites and compelling content, but the real challenge is getting potential customers to check it out. Vine and Instagram capitalize on the power of online video for increasing website traffic by holding the attention of audience members during their brief run times. After all, people are less likely to skip a video that’s only six to 15 seconds long.

3. You Can Engage Your Target Audience on an Ongoing Basis

This generation of Internet user values uniqueness and personality. Those who post social short duration videos themselves – or just like watching – appreciate businesses that express creativity through their branded video postings. In the marketing world, creativity aligns with innovative ability, which equates to being ahead of the curve.

These consumers want to feel like they can get to know a brand on a personal level. For example, Urban Outfitters uses Vine to show off its funky company culture. One of its Vine videos depicts an employee in a bear suit running around corporate headquarters. Those who identify with Urban Outfitters’ hipster sensibility feel encouraged to stay connected as community members – and customers.

No matter what you sell, consumers want to feel welcomed into the conversation surrounding your business. No longer is business simply the products on the grocery shelf or hidden behind phone operators. Social media – especially online video – now provides a means for communication between companies and their customers that is extremely responsive and conversational.

Encouraging this avenue of communications results in sharing. One way to boost the chances for your social short duration videos to be shared is to feature subjects that viewers want their friends to enjoy – and use a specific hashtag. Oreo produces fun how-to videos that demonstrate using the classic cookie to create a variety of quick, tasty desserts, as well as “magic tricks” featuring sleight-of-hand (and camera) illusions.

Although founded in 1892, General Electric (GE) has been a leader in using Vine to engage consumers. GE first posted a video of what happens when you mix milk, food coloring and dish soap. It was so popular that GE launched another campaign inviting viewers to join the conversation with science-based videos of their own, using the hashtag #6secondscience.

Similarly, Virgin America Airlines used the popularity of Instagram video by posting a video of Lou, the iconic San Francisco Giants mascot, dancing down the aisle of one of its planes. The video kicked off a contest piloted by a specific hashtag that encouraged customers to #DoTheLou and submit their own dance moves. The winner was awarded a free flight and tickets to a Giants game.

Another way to increase brand awareness and affinity through short social duration videos is by giving consumers a behind-the-scenes look at your business – as Ben and Jerry’s does with its manufacturing process via Instagram. Who doesn’t want to see their favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavors speeding along a conveyer belt? (We like Phish Food!)

If you’re ready to explore how social short duration videos can enhance your brand identity and drive website traffic, our Hooah Production Studios team will be happy to talk with you. Contact us today!