The Real Cost of Inexpensive Video

People use their phones and personal camcorders to shoot video of a variety of occasions. Turn on the Today show and you’ll see fans filming Al Roker from the behind the stands – or maybe you watched as soccer fans in the stadium recorded their rooting for the USA in the World Cup.

Events of a unique nature, as well as commemorative moments in our lives, are easily recorded, viewed, and shared by simply owning a camera and having access to the Internet. But if you transition from recording your personal life full of birthday parties and weddings, then bungee jump to the business world to produce your own online marketing videos, it is important to recognize what is lost if you choose this route over hiring a professional video production company.

Is Low Cost Everything?

There are apparent advantages to shooting your own video – with low cost topping the list. Almost everyone has a video-capable smartphone, and consumer-level camcorders seem to do a good job. As you may already know, there is no shortage of video production advice online, or free-to-inexpensive editing software. Although they make editing easy and relatively cheap, they do not replace the quality of a professionally produced video.

Making the Investment in Professional Video Production

As easy as DIY video may be to upload to your YouTube or Vine account, there are disadvantages that should make you consider looking into a more professional means of producing an online marketing video.

DIY video techniques and tools come with limitations – both in technical and practical terms. Smartphone video is limited in its camera control capabilities – such as adjusting for different exposures and manually controlling the depth of field or focus. And editing software can be limited in its compatibility with different phones and video formats.

A post-production company can provide editing capabilities that are much more advanced – such as professional-level scoring, sound effects and seamless scene transitions. Full-service companies also can audition on-camera talent and coach non-actors on how to deliver lines and look comfortable during taping.

A benefit of professionally produced video is that it can be adapted to fit the format of numerous devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, televisions and desktop computers (yes, people still use these to view video more than anything else).

One of the most important aspects of professional video is the ability to tell a clear, compelling story about a service or a product. Your video will represent the story of your brand. It provides a first impression that is essential to driving and locking in leads. A lack of scriptwriting expertise leaves your brand at risk when it comes to your target audience’s first impressions. A full-service video production company typically has a scriptwriter on staff to ensure your brand message is conveyed effectively.

Is Low Cost Worth Your Company’s Credibility?

A company is defined by its credibility. Keep this in mind when choosing your approach for video production, as a poorly produced video can damage your business’s image. What would your opinion be of a company if you saw a video featuring the owner in an unflattering outfit looking ill at ease in front of the camera and delivering lines poorly, followed by choppy shots of the building’s main areas, topped off by poor sound quality? Probably not positive, and not a company you’d want to do business with.

Then there’s the time you may spend online researching video production, looking at equipment and planning your shoot. Time is money, and you should consider how much you’re spending to commit one idea to video in order to represent your brand and build your business.

Hiring an experienced production team allows you to benefit from the combined talents of its industry professionals – including directors, camera operators, producers and editors. A professional video production company will know the best equipment for your project, how to set up shots, move the camera, light a set or get the highest quality outdoor shots. Using a professional team eliminates the guesswork and expensive mistakes that DIY video too often involve.

Hiring a production company that specializes in online video marketing also gives you the competitive advantage of a comprehensive marketing strategy that can be applied throughout your social media network and on your website with the specific purpose of generating leads and measuring ROI.

Although DIY video may at first seem an economical choice, looking at the ROI on professionally produced video is important for long-term success. Because the personality and customer commitment of your brand is represented through video, making sure its quality is as high as possible is essential. By doing it yourself, you may seem to save money, but if the resulting video misses the mark, goes unseen by your target audience and doesn’t drive business – or worse yet, damages your image – you’ve actually cost your company money.

Remember: video draws your target market into your brand in a way that text and photos cannot. Our team at Hooah Production Studios will be happy to show you how partnering with video production professionals adds value to your online marketing, and is ultimately more cost-effective than doing it yourself. Contact us today!