The Online Videos Your Target Audience Wants to Share

The exchange of ideas is what builds our culture. Visual mediums such as painting, sculpture and film are created in hopes to influence how we think, act and experience life. In the same way, videos can assist your business to influence the people you want as your consumers, which is why it’s important to know what video genres work best to capture their attention.

The Online Video Sharing Trend

With the help of mobile devices and social media, video sharing occurs at a faster rate than ever. Between the years 2009 and 2013, American adult online users that share video doubled from 14 to 31 percent.

If you’ve been on a bus, at a park or in any public place recently, chances are you’ve seen the majority of patrons with their noses to their phone screens. The reason for this is that 91 percent of adults have cell phones – with half of this number using smartphones. Because cell phones make videos more accessible, their widespread presence encourages video sharing.

Cell phones and other mobile devices have boosted the popularity of watching video with their app capabilities. See the following list of our favorite video apps below that allow viewers to view videos virtually anywhere.

  • ABC Player – Allows you to watch full-length episodes of your favorite ABC shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family.
  • Upstream – Lets you to stream live broadcast and live video as well as share live video you shoot yourself with others using the app.
  • VEVO – Gives you access to over 50,000 music videos produced by over 11,000 artists.
  • Vyclone – A collaborative video app that allows you to “record life from all angles” and combine your videos with the videos of others to created an outsourced movie.

In addition to mobile devices, social networking sites fuel the fire by giving more opportunity for people to post video. Three quarters of adults in the United States use social networking sites, 72 percent of which share video on them.

The driving force behind the popularity of online video – the “YouTube Effect” – is a form of social media referred to as video-sharing sites. Since the introduction of YouTube in 2005, other sites like Vimeo have emerged. YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google.

The Best Types of Video to Engage Your Audience

In order to make video work for your business, it is important to recognize what type of video works best to engage your target audience. For example, a younger audience will be drawn closer to music, comedy, and animation. Men view political videos, sports, and educational videos more frequently than women. Here are some of the top video genres, according to Pew Research Center’s Online Video 2013 report.

Comedy – One way to an audience’s heart is through its funny bone. Comedy videos are the most popular, with a viewing rate of 58 percent. Your business can utilize a sense of humor to establish rapport with your target audience. Not only does comedy help to grab and maintain attention in video but it also helps to tell a memorable story that your potential leads can relate to.

Blendtec’s famous “Will it Blend?” video series is proof of the tickling capacity comedy has for engagement with audiences. Set in a test kitchen, host Tom Dickson demonstrates the blender’s ability to puree such inedible items as iPhones into high-tech dust, to the amusement of millions of viewers – and strong brand recognition for Blendtec.

How-to –
Followed closely by humorous videos, how-to videos have a viewing rate of 56 percent. These videos show viewers how to accomplish a task. Lowe’s Home Improvement regularly produces and posts videos on such projects as installing low-voltage landscape lighting, prepping a room for painting, and repairing drywall cracks. How-to videos also build brand loyalty by demonstrating that your business cares about the results your customers achieve.

Educational – Fifty percent of online adults enjoy educational videos that inform them on a variety of topics. If your business can help inform potential customers or clients about your industry, or topics relating to your industry, you can perform a valuable service that drives traffic to your website.

RE/MAX posts a monthly National Housing Report video on its YouTube channel. The video features the results of research on 52 major metropolitan markets and analyzes the data to get a pulse on the U.S. housing market. Providing valuable and relevant information helps to position your business as an industry leader while building trust with potential customers.

What’s New for Video Sharing?

YouTube and Vimeo allow your business to post videos to a massive audience. But now, mobile users can upload video content to apps. Twelve percent of adult cell phone owners watch videos using mobile apps such as Vine. Half of them post videos of their own.

Vine, released as a free mobile app in 2013, allows the creation of six-second looping videos for posting on Twitter. Instagram followed suit soon after with an app that can record up to 15 seconds of video. Brands such as Oreo and Lego use Vine videos as an integral part of their branding, emphasizing the fun, creative experiences consumers can have with them. Yes, Oreos can be used as a means of creative expression – just check out the iconic cookie’s Vine profile!

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