Your Brand Has A Unique Story. Tell It With Instagram Video.


Imagine a serene yoga class, doors to the studio are wide open letting the cool breeze flow in while students practice their asana breathing and poses. Just outside the class, beyond the studio is a women meditating alone outside. The entire shot is still except the woman’s hair blowing in the breeze. This imagery conveys a sense of serenity, peacefulness as well as spiritual and physical health. Athleta, the active wear company, posted this short video clip to Instagram. For a brand that wants to connect with the yogic aspirations of its active, health-conscious customers, the video successfully invoked the right emotion.

Every communication with your customer base should speak to this story about your brand. With Instagram, brands can hit the right emotional notes and establish a lasting connection with potential customers with creative videos and imagery.

Instagram is a visual- and personality-driven platform. Creativity and uniqueness are king, even more so than on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. It is more personal, as the selfie is more common than the studio shot. And although still photos remain essential, video content is clearly in the lead on Instagram.Videos have twice as much user interaction as photos. Many videos are user-recorded vacation footage, like strolls through sidewalk café in Italy or views from atop a trail in the Colorado mountains. The most effective marketers take these cues from everyday users; they create Instagram content that users might have produced, or chosen to post, while integrating the distinct markers of their brand.

Companies should use Instagram video to emphasize the emotions behind their products. While Lululemon is bringing serenity to its Instagram feed, Starbucks is reminding customers about the comforting sweet aroma of a pumpkin spice latte. The coffee chain does this, not by showing the food directly, but by posting a sped-up video of a barista drawing images of the season on one of its distinctive blackboards. Brands should be mindful to keep these posts short, entertaining and shareable, with limited brand messaging.

No one wants to share an ad, but everyone wants to share something short and clever that makes them feel good. To make a shareable video an effective marketing tool, use the images, music and dialogue that tell your brand's story. Think about your brand drivers. If your brand is about excitement, create an adrenaline rush with every video. If your brand is about community, convey a sense of belonging. As you build your Instagram user base, you'll create a community of customers that are partial to your brand and will become brand advocates.