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In-House Talent or Professional Talent: Which is Better for Your Business Video or Commercial?

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It happens to the best of us.

Late at night, flipping through channels with a half-empty bowl of popcorn, a snoring spouse, and nothing on TV when suddenly we find ourselves immersed in an infomercial for ShamWow starring a Billy Mays impersonator. It has even happened when perusing YouTube for the latest viral videos – and we end up watching the duration of a riveting testimony endorsing an online university.
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The Online Videos Your Target Audience Wants to Share

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The exchange of ideas is what builds our culture. Visual mediums such as painting, sculpture and film are created in hopes to influence how we think, act and experience life. In the same way, videos can assist your business to influence the people you want as your consumers, which is why it’s important to know what video genres work best to capture their attention.
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A Passion for Video Production

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Derek DP

When people ask me what I do for a living, it’s always humorous to watch their reaction when I answer, “I work in the video production industry. I make videos for a living …” Automatically, they think that I work in the adult video industry – and no, there is nothing wrong with that industry – it’s just not the one I had a calling for.
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